About Us

The Healthier Wigan Partnership is Wigan Borough’s Local Care Organisation (LCO) and brings together the main health and care providers across Primary, Community, Mental Health, Social Care and the hospital. This delivers joined up, sustainable health and care services that meet the needs of local residents and improve the population’s health in the longer term. This website combines information on health and care services and commissioning within Wigan Borough making it easier for local people to find sources of relevant knowledge and support.

In April 2018 health and care partners made their first step towards a fully integrated care model by signing the Healthier Wigan Partnership Alliance agreement, binding us together in a commitment to transform local services, initially focused on improving community based out of hospital services.

Working together, our talented health and care workforce will work together and join up health and care services around the people and the places where they live. We will take time to understand people’s strengths and assets; supporting them to connect to their community and be well.  Joining up services will help deliver a health and social care system that is right for the 320,000 residents of the borough.

We are committed to providing more services in a community setting, where it is appropriate, so that local people do not need to journey to hospital unless they really need to.  Supporting people to stay in their own home and wrapping services around them, with GPs being a focal point for coordinating services, with the ultimate goal of preventing more people getting sick in the first place and helping them at the earliest point if they become unwell, by providing targeted services.

Developing the Healthier Wigan Partnership and specifically focusing on how we can integrate community health and care services in a way that will enable individuals to look after their own wellbeing, was developed as part of an agreement between the NHS partners in the borough and Wigan Council. This agreement is called the Deal for Health and Wellness, and it’s a plan to ensure that the whole health and care system in the borough can be financially sustainable and support good outcomes for people.

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