Gifts & hospitality

Every three months we publish information on all the gifts and hospitality that employees of the CCG has been offered.

The CCG we will not pay or accept bribes or offer offers of inducement to or from anyone for any purpose.  We have a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to these matters.

We are fully committed to preventing bribery and will make sure that we have the right procedures in place to prevent bribery.  With NHS Protect, we will seek to get the strongest penalties – including criminal procedures, disciplinary and/ or civil sanctions – against anyone associated with the CCG who is found to be involved in bribery or corruption activities.

Gifts and Hospitality Policy and Declaration Form


Gifts and Hospitality Q1 2020/21

Gifts and Hospitality Q2 2020/20 – nothing to declare

Gifts and Hospitality Q3 2020/21

Gifts and Hospitality Q4 2020/20 – nothing to declare


Gifts & Hospitality 2018/19 Q1

Gifts & Hospitality 2018/19 Q2

Gifts & Hospitality 2018/19 Q3

Gifts & Hospitality 2018/19 Q4 – nothing to declare

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