How Services Are Commissioned

Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is the statutory body responsible for commissioning most local health services for the residents of the Borough.

This means that they have the job of working out what services are most needed to support the health and wellbeing of local residents, including:

The CCG chooses and buys these services and monitors them to make sure that they are good services of a high quality.

The CCG took over this job from the Ashton, Leigh and Wigan Primary Care Trust (PCT) on 1st April 2013.

Wigan Borough CCG is made up of all local GPs, who bring their expertise, experience and local knowledge to the job of improving NHS services in Wigan Borough.  It has a Governing Body that oversees the work and makes key decisions.  It meets in public.  You can find out more about the Governing Body here.

The CCG works closely with Wigan Council who commission social care services and public health services (such as vaccinations and screening programmes) and have a joint committee that oversees the commissioning of all local health and social care services – the Integrated Commissioning Committee.  You can see the papers for this committee here.

Some very specialist services that not many local residents need, are commissioned by Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GM H&SCP) to make sure that the NHS gets value for money.

GM H&SCP also monitors the CCG to make sure they are doing a good job and making the right decisions.  They took on this role after Greater Manchester Devolution was agreed in 2015.  GM Devolution means that we have more flexibility to make decisions in Greater Manchester and in Wigan Borough, rather than waiting for national decision-makers to tell us what to do.

You can find out more about GM H&SCP and devolution here.

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