How Services Are Provided

The commissioners choose an organisation to deliver, or provide, health and care services. 

How services are provided and who provides them is different for different types of services.  Find out more:

GP Practices

GP practices are independent businesses who are commissioned to provide GP services.  We have 60 different GP practices in Wigan Borough.

They each have a contract that determines what they must provide for a set amount of money.  Each practice can then choose to deliver more services, which they get paid extra for.

Hospital Services

Most hospital services for Wigan Borough residents are provided by Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust. 

Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS FT has four main locations for delivering services in the Borough: Royal Albert Edward Infirmary (Wigan Hospital), Leigh Hospital, Wrightington Hospital and the Thomas Linacre Centre in Wigan Town Centre.

Some specialist hospital services are provided outside the Borough to make sure that patients get the best care possible.  This includes services like Neuro-rehabilitation.

There are other hospitals outside the Borough that residents can choose to use if they think they will get better care or it is closer to them, for example, Salford Royal NHS FT or Bolton NHS FT.  However, most services are delivered within the Borough.

Community Services

Community services such as district nursing, end of life care, ear wax removal, cancer treatment and some counselling services are delivered in clinics and health centres in local communities.  These are called community services.

In Wigan Borough we have an Integrated Community Service which brings together health and social care services to make it simpler for residents.  These are jointly commissioned by Wigan Borough CCG and Wigan Council.

Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS FT provide the community services for local residents. 

Mental Health Services

Mental health services, both community and hospital services, are provided by North West Borough NHS Foundation Trust.  They run a brand new specialist mental health hospital, Atherleigh Park, in Leigh.  They provide the mental health services for both adults and children.

They are supported by some voluntary and community groups with specialist skills and expertise.

Pharmacists, Opticians and Dentists

Like GP practices, pharmacists, opticians and dentists are small independent businesses that have been awarded a contract to deliver the services.

Residential and Care Homes

Like pharmacists, opticians and dentists, residential and care homes in the Borough are independent businesses that each have a separate contract with the Council and CCG.

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