Our Commissioning Duties

Clinical Commissioning Groups have a lot of duties that are set out in various laws, including the Health Act 2006, the Health and Social Care Act 2012, the Equality Act 2012 and others.

Here is a selection of some of the most important duties:

  • To promote the NHS Constitution and promote awareness of the Constitution
  • To be effective, efficient and economical with public money
  • To continually improve the quality of services
  • To improve the quality of GP, dental and optician services
  • To reduce inequality between patients, including making them accessible to everyone and making health outcomes more equal
  • To promote involvement of patients in the business of the CCG
  • To promote the involvement of patients in the decisions about their care and treatment
  • To support patients to make choices about their care and the services they need
  • To get advice from professional experts when it is needed to support the making of good decisions
  • To promote innovation
  • To promote research and use evidence from research
  • To promote education and training
  • To promote the integration of commissioning and the integration of services to improve quality and reduce inequality
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