Meet the CCG Governing Body

Dr Tim Dalton (Chair)

Dr Dalton is Chair of the CCG’s Governing Body.  He is a partner and a practising GP in one of the CCG’s local practices, Shakespeare Surgery which is a member of the South Wigan and Ashton North area.

Professor Craig Harris

Craig is the Managing Director and Accountable Officer of the CCG.

Paul McKevitt

Paul is Chief Finance Officer for the CCG and Director of Finance at Wigan Council.

Dr Jayne Davies

Dr Davies is the Clinical Lead for Wigan Central area with responsibility for Patient and Public Engagement and Involvement and is a practicing GP within Wigan.

Dr Adam Jolles

Dr Adam Jolles is the Clinical Lead for the South Wigan and Ashton North area with responsibility for Clinical Governance. He is a practicing GP at Shakespeare Surgery in Wigan.

Dr Gen Wong

Dr Wong is the Clinical Lead for the Leigh area with the responsibility for Finance and Performance.  He is a practicing GP at Old Henry Street Medical Centre.

Frank Costello (Deputy Chair)

Frank Costello is a Lay Member of the Governing Body, with particular responsibility for integration and the QIPP Portfolio .

Frank is also temporarily overseeing the responsibility for Equality and Inclusion, and Patient and Public Engagement Portfolio whilst the position is recruited to.

Peter Armer

Peter Armer is the Lay Member on the Governing Body with a lead  for Financial Management, Audit, Governance and Conflicts of Interest Portfolio.

Dr Marios Adamou 

Dr Marios Adamou is the Governing Body’s Secondary Care Doctor and as a Psychiatrist provides expertise mental health experience.

Morag Olsen

Morag Olsen is the Director of Nursing for NHS Wigan Borough.

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