Our Work

Healthier Wigan Partnership Aims

Healthier Wigan will focus on preventing illness by joining health and care services together to offer better services, closer to home for local people. Our partnership of the local NHS and council along with GPs, voluntary and community groups are bringing together a talented health and care workforce to combine the skills and experience they already have and where necessary, using them in a more effective way. Working together, we will join up health and care services around people and the places where they live. Taking time to understand people’s strengths and assets supporting them to connect to their community.

Realising that to solve some health and social issues within an individual’s life may take a combined approach from our GP Services, Adults, Childrens, Hospital, Voluntary, Mental health services and we want to see parity of esteem for mental health; to value mental health equally with physical health. We are aware that this is crucial, and all partners want to give equal access to the most effective and safest care and treatment meaning that we spend equal efforts to improve the quality of care.

Focusing on prevention and giving individuals the best opportunity to look after their own wellbeing – part of an agreement between the NHS partners in the borough and Wigan Council. An agreement called the Deal for Health and Wellness, and it’s a plan to ensure that the whole health and care system in the borough can be financially sustainable and support good outcomes for people.

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