Diabetes during COVID-19

Are you Diabetic?

You have a better chance against Coronavirus and avoiding many other health problems if you continue to take your antidiabetic medication regularly. The increased risk faced by people with diabetes has now been confirmed nationally and local doctors are urging people with diabetes to give themselves a better chance of combating the Coronavirus.

If you are unsure on your medication contact your GP or additional  advice for GM residents is available online at Diabetes My Way  you can also gain access to your clinical diabetes data by registering on the site.   Additional advice is available via the Diabetes UK Care Line on 03455-1232399 (Mon to Fri 09:00 to 18:00) to people with concerns related to diabetes and Coronavirus.

Tips to help people keep on track with their medication include:

  • Make a definite plan for when, where and how to take your medication regularly, for example at specific mealtimes.
  • Put your medication in a visible place where it can remind you to take it at the same time each day, for example beside your toothbrush.
  • Set an alarm on your watch, phone, or smart speaker to remind you.
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