Dying Matters Awareness Week, 11-17 May

Dying Matters Awareness Week 11 – 17 May

Dying Matters is a coalition of individual and organisational members across England Wales which aims to help people talk more openly about dying, death and bereavement and to make plans for end of life.

Every year, Dying Matters Awareness Week gives us an opportunity to place the importance of talking about dying, death and bereavement firmly on the national agenda.

The theme this year is “Dying to be heard” which concentrates on giving people the opportunity to talk to each other, and listen, about dying matters.

Often when trust is established a person may feel comfortable to talk about dying or bereavement, but if it’s not planned, this can come as an uncomfortable shock and the listener may change the subject!

In recent times, deaths due to COVID-19 raises an additional awareness of the need for all of us young or old to talk about how we feel and support each other in death and bereavement. Additional circumstances related to life limiting illnesses and road traffic accidents often leave families making difficult decisions.

Sitting quietly and listening to a loved one describe what is important to them and plans they have made is really important. It could reduce fears and worries when the time arrives for them and their family and loved ones.

Dying Matters have lots of resources and information leaflets that could help you focus on the key things to consider. For example:

  • Things to do before you die;
  • Someone you know is bereaved;
  • Talking to children about dying;
  • How to get the “big conversation” started.

You can access all the information leaflets by clicking here.

Take a look at the Dying Matters website for more information.







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