From the NHS, thank you!

From the NHS, Thank you!
Dr Tim Dalton, Local GP and Chair of NHS Wigan Borough CCG

Every Thursday evening residents across the Borough and the country come out on to their doorsteps and say thank you to NHS and wider health and care workers from the Council, care homes, opticians, pharmacist, care support workers and many others.  They clap in celebration for all those people for a minute and it is incredible and very moving.

My thanks goes to each and everyone of those people, however, the NHS are not alone in responding to Coronavirus and on behalf of the local NHS, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the vital contributions of others in the Borough.

So, I would like to say thank you to teachers who have continued to go in to school for the children of key workers and I know a lot of doctors and nurses would struggle to be at work without that service.  They are also supporting all the new parent-teachers who have been thrown into the deepend and are very grateful for the work plans that are coming through!

I would like to thank all those people working in supermarkets and essential shops.  You have managed to find ways for us all to shop safely, continue to get fresh fruit, vegetables, healthy food and obviously some treats too.  You have made sure that the country hasn’t starved, so thank you.

Next I would like to thank all the delivery drivers.  Those that have delivered PPE to essential services have been particularly gratefully met, but also thank you to delivery drivers that have delivered food parcels, books, games, gardening items, clothes or any of the other things that have been essential to families surviving lockdown.  Without those people making deliveries, many more people would have been heading out to the shops making managing the spread of the virus much harder.

If you empty bins,work on public transport, keep our internet running, our boilers working, the water running, the electricity flowing or any other essential service, thank you to all of you too!

There are many more people who need thanking and I am sorry if I have missed you, but know that the whole of the NHS is grateful.   Whether you have been at work, volunteered, supported your neighbours or just followed the rules, thank you!  Again, you are all a key part of our Coronavirus response.

And you will all continue to part of our recovery.  Please continue to be kind and considerate, including respecting the social distancing rules, staying at home as much as possible, washing your hands and wearing a mask when it is appropriate and necessary.  And in a final thank you, thanks to you all for following these rules! Stay safe.




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