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Welcome to our engagement pages!

We are committed to working with the people of Wigan Borough.

Tell us what you want from your health services.  Get involved in the decisions we take.  Help us make sure that ‘no decision about me, without me’ is the way we routinely work.

There are lots of different ways you can get involved with improving local health and care services and the pages in this section have a lot more information for you, so take a look around and get involved!

There is a bit more information about our approach to engaging with local people below.

Our strategy

Our approach to communications and engagement is set out in our strategy:

WBCCG Communications and Engagement Strategy 2019-2022

How we involve people in commissioning

We need local patients and residents to be involved in all parts of the commissioning cycle to make sure we make the right decisions.  The video below explains how we do this at the different stages of the commissioning cycle.

Different ways we get people involved
GOVERNANCE: How our work is reviewed, monitored and improved

Internal monitoring:

The Communication and Engagement Team provides a report on patient and public involvement to the Clinical Governance Committee every 2 months and the Corporate Governance Committee every 3 months.  These Committees oversee our work and make sure we are following proper processes.

Patient monitoring:

2-3 times a year we take reports on Public and Patient Involvement to our Governing Body so that our engagement activity can be publicly held to account.  Members of our different groups are invited to come with us, present to Governing Body and share their reflections on the effectiveness of our engagement work.  This is an important part of our patient members holding us to account.

Visit our Attend the CCG Governing Body page to see the latest reports.

We also work closely with our patient groups and ask them to challenge us on our engagement work, with the Wigan Borough Engagement Group having a formal role set out in their terms of reference around assuring involvement of patients in transforming services.

NHS England monitoring:

NHS England does an annual review of our public and patient involvement work and tell us how we are performing against their guidance for CCGs and the statutory requirements. In 2018/2019 they rated us as OUTSTANDING.

Patient and Public Participation in Commissioning Health and Care: Statutory Guidance for CCGs and NHS England

Improving our work:

In 2018/2019 we started to work with some of our stakeholders on plans to improve our patient and public involvement work. We’ve made lots of progress  implementing the actions in 2019/2020, read below:

Improving our work in 2019 2020

Other relevant documents:

2018 Internal Audit Review of Patient and Public Engagement

CCG Review of Engagement 2018-2019

Give us your feedback

We are always looking for ways to improve how we get people involved in our work. If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions about how we engage and involve people please let us know.

Please click the link below to submit your feedback. Include your contact details if you want us to get back to you!

If you don’t want to complete an online form that’s not a problem, you can also get in touch with us on the following:

Telephone – 01942 482711

Email –

Accessible information

If you would like any of this information in a different format (such as Large Print, Audio, Easy Read or Braille) or a different language, please call us on 01942 482711 or email

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