Wigan Pride

Wigan Pride – Celebrating Diversity Across the Borough!

Wigan Pride promotes a culture of including everyone in our Borough, and celebrates how colourful and diverse our Borough is.

As a founding member of the Wigan Pride Committee, with the local council and local voluntary organisations, we are proud to support our local population through being a key part of the development of big Wigan Pride day and the ongoing engagement activities that surround it.

Now in its fifth year, Wigan Pride is established and we have been pleased to be a joint organiser and supporter in all years including the upcoming 2020 event.

Last year, Wigan Pride was 10th August and we had an estimated 20,000 people attend the event, painting the Town Centre rainbow colours.

Wigan Pride 2020:

Saturday 8th August
Family Friendly

This event is Autism Friendly.  For those who find it difficult to be in crowds or don’t like loud noise, we livestream the main stage event to a quiet room where there is a Autism Friendly team on hand to support you.  All the Head Stewards, including two from the CCG – Tracie and Alexia – and two from the Council – Scott and Ian – are trained as Autism Friends.

With our Council Colleagues, on behalf of the Committee, we went to the local Transition Event, an event aimed at people with learning disabilities and Autism, to find out how we could make the event more Autism friendly.  Feedback included ideas such as ear defenders, silent discos, adapted toilets and more training for people involved – see the engagement feedback summary below.  The Committee are considering how we can take forward as many of these ideas as possible.

Wigan Pride Autism Friendly Engagement

This year, for the first time, we are looking in to making the event Dementia Friendly too.  If you have any ideas how we can take this forward, please email info@wiganpride.com

For more information visit:

www.wiganpride.com/accessible – for simpler information
@WiganPride – Facebook and Twitter

Why WE get involved

Many Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Questioning (LGBTQ) teens are taunted, bullied, and otherwise mistreated at school which can cause mental ill health.

LGBTQ adults have higher rates than straight adults of other physical health problems and also of mental health problems. These problems are thought to stem from the stress that the LGBTQ community experiences from living in a society in which they frequently encounter verbal and physical harassment, job discrimination and a need for some to conceal their sexual identity.

42% of gay men, 43% of lesbians and 49% of bisexual men and women have clinically recognised mental health problems compared with rates of 12% and 20% for predominantly heterosexual men and women. Lesbian, gay and bisexual people may, for example, be reluctant to disclose their sexual orientation to their GP, because they anticipate discrimination, and then fail to receive appropriate health care.

We support Wigan Pride to show local LGBTQ people that their local health services support them and want to make sure they get the services they need.  This way we can start to reduce the health inequality facing this group.  We always have a stall at Wigan Pride with our local health providers talking about the services available and asking how we can do more to make them accessible.  This work  has led to the CCG supporting many GP practices in the Borough to gain the Pride in Practice Accreditation.

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