GP Practice Patient Groups

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GP Practice Patient Groups, sometimes known as Patient Participation Groups (PPGs), are run in each of the 60 GP practices in Wigan Borough.

The GP Practices run PPGs to work with their patients to improve the way the practice is run.

Each PPG is run differently to meet the needs of the practice and the patients.

All GP Practices have to have a PPG as part of their contract.

We work closely with members from PPGs who help us to improve all local health and care services.

PPG members are invited to get involved in all local projects, come to our annual engagement event, workshops and even have their own awards ceremony each year.

How to get involved:

Contact your GP Practice and ask to join the PPG or patient group.

If you have any questions, or experience any problems, please contact us on 01942 482711 or


 At the beginning of 2017 we asked local PPGs to complete a survey to find out how we might best support local groups. The following ‘You Said, We Listened’ document describes the feedback we got and what we have done about it.

PPG Survey – You Said, We Listened draft

One of the big things that came out of survey was the development of our Shape Your NHS Training programme. This training is FREE to any patients or residents (you don’t have to be registered with a PPG) who might want to get involved! Click the link to find out more.

Training page

Case studies

The patient groups at our local practices get involved with all sorts of things and make a huge difference in their practices. We have started to gather case studies to show case some of the fantastic and varied work that they do!

The patient group at Pennygate Medical Centre in Hindley are a vital part of the team during Flu Season, assisting with the busy flu clinics and encouraging people to get vaccinated. Click below to read the case study!CS1 CS1., Pennygate patient group flu case study

Pennygate Medical Practice and their patient group have found an innovative way to increase the number of children getting the flu vaccination, a Christmas party! Click below to read how they did it.

C2 Pennygate Patient Group – Christmas flu party for children

Members of the Patient Group at Dicconson Group practice have set up a Dementia Carers Support group. The group meets every month and is making a real impact on the carers it supports. Click below to read how they’ve done it!

C3. Dicconson Group practice – Dementia support Group

The patient group at Shevington Surgery have set up a peer support group for people in the area living with Diabetes. Click below to read about it!

C4. Shevington Surgery – Diabetes Support Group

The patient group at Boothstown Medical Practice have worked with young people in the area to develop a health information booklet. Click below to read how they did it!

C5. Boothstown PPG – Working with young people

Different formats:

If you would like help understanding this information, or need it in a different format (large print, easy read or braille, for example), please contact us on 01942 482711 or

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