Patients’ Forum Workshops

Dates: They take place approximately 4 times a year. You can see the details on our events page.

Our next Forum Workshop will take place on Thursday 20th February 2020. The topic will be NHS Finances! Click here to book your place today


The Patients’ Forum is an engagement group made up of local people who are interested in helping to improve local services. In the past you had to be a member of your local Patient Participation Group (PPG) to attend but this isn’t required anymore, anyone can join us! The workshops are chaired by Frank Costello, Lay Governing Body Member with responsibility for Patient and Public Involvement. Each 2 hour workshop is focused on a different topic. This gives us a chance to get in to detail about different services and have interesting conversations.

How to get involved:

Any patients or residents can attend our workshops. If you’re interested please get in touch with us on 01942 482711 or Your key contact is Rachel Richardson, Patient & Public Engagement Manager. Please tell us if you need any extra help or support to get involved.


The Forum workshops cover a variety of subjects and topics. You can see the information from our last couple of workshops below.

  • September 2019 – Reablement Services

Reablment Presentation Patients Forum Sept 19

  • June 2019 – Digital Health Services

Digital Health and Care Services June 2019 – video link

Patient Forum 20th June 2019 notes

  • December 2019 – Stopping doctors from prescribing medicines you can buy over the counter

Patient Forum 5th December – presentation

Patient Forum 5th December – NOTES

  • February 2020 – NHS Finance

Patient Engagement – Wigan – Feb 2020 – FINAL – with links

What difference did people make?

Some of our successes over the past couple of years include:

  • Got involved with the CCGs Quality Team and some members have been involved with commissioner visits to services
  • Been involved in the way GP practices within different parts of the Borough are working together to transform services to their local population
  • Helped to organise the Annual Engagement Conference and PPG Awards
  • Helped design and deliver the Shape Your NHS Training Programme
  • Given their own views on the development of the Healthier Wigan Partnership and helped to undertake engagement work to get wider views
  • Got involved in engagement work for the Bolton, Salford and Wigan Partnership and the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership around hospital transformation
  • Given their views on the relocation of the Neuro-Rehabilitation service and attended public meetings
  • Given views on the transformation of Community Services and will be getting further involved with the Reablement Service
  • Attended training and community events, including the CCGs Annual General Meeting
  • Contributed to the Borough’s End of Life Strategy
  • Contributed to the Borough’s digital strategy

Different formats:

If you would like help understanding this information, or need it in a different format (large print, easy read or braille, for example), please contact us on 01942 482711 or

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