Readers’ Panel

Date: No meetings, but information is sent by email or post when we need some help


We produce different kinds of information and documents for the public on a regular basis, for example, leaflets and posters.

The Readers’ Panel is a group of local residents who give us feedback and advice on information and documents we produce.  Their feedback helps us to make sure that documents are accessible, readable and in plain English.

In the past year the Readers’ Panel has reviewed a number of things such as:

  • surveys
  • patient information leaflets
  • strategy documents
  • service leaflets
  • posters

If you sign up to the Readers Panel we will ask you how you would like to receive documents to review. We can send things out via post or email depending on how you prefer to work. When we send you a document you can choose to ignore or respond with feedback as your time allows!  Very few of our Readers’ Panel review everything we send out, they just do what they can, when they are interested.

Members are asked to agree that they will not share the information wider than the Readers’ Panel until the final version is agreed upon.  This is to make sure that only the right version gets used by the wider public.

On rare occasions, we may ask our Readers’ Panel to give us feedback on something that is very confidential at that time.  When this happens, we may ask you to sign to say you will not share or discuss it with anyone.  However, don’t let this put you off: it would be your choice at the time and so far it has never happened!

How to get involved:

We need more people to join the Readers Panel. If you would like to join, please get in touch on 01942 482711 or

The information sheet below gives some more information:

Our Readers’ Panel document FINAL


We do make changes to documents based on the feedback we receive from the Readers Panel. To give you an idea of the type of feedback we get some examples of changes made are listed below:

  • Experience survey – questions re-written to be more neutral. The purpose and intended use of the survey was better explained.
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) leaflet – some of the language was updated and made more personal, i.e. “i” and “my medication” rather than being generic.
  • End of Life Strategy – there was feedback that the strategy was long and the key points did not stand out. A much shorter public friendly summary was produced which summarises the essential information from the strategy.
  • Healthier Wigan Partnership Leaflet – the language was updated to reflect that patients are one of the key partners. The design of the leaflet was also amended.
  • Community Services Poster – the language was changed and the message was simplified to stand out.
  • Public survey – the language was updated and clearer explanations used.

Different formats:

If you would like help understanding this information, or need it in a different format (large print, easy read or braille, for example), please contact us on 01942 482711 or

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