Community Care

Community Services within Wigan Borough provides a wide range of care, from supporting patients to manage long-term conditions, to treating those who are seriously ill with complex conditions, taking place in people’s homes or close to where they live. Teams of nurses and therapists coordinate care, working with professions including GPs and social care.

We want to provide health services for all ages, in communities, near to where you live.  These services should offer both preventative and health improvement services.  To provide the best services that meet the needs of local communities, we need to work with partners from the council and voluntary and community groups.

Our aim for older people/ later life is to keep local people well and independent, for as long as possible. This means avoiding hospital admissions and re-admissions and ensuring those patients needing hospital treatment have the shortest of stays.

For our children and younger populations, we want them to feel safe and to care about their health, education and employment, to be confident and resilient individuals who are connected to their community and can make an effective contribution as responsible local people.

Wigan’s GP Out of Hours Service has now given greater options for those who may have previously sought A&E treatment, providing essential care for patients and families when the borough’s GP practices are closed.

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