Electronic Prescription Ordering

Please help the NHS by ordering your medication electronically from the GP practice if possible.

This will help your GP practice and community pharmacy by reducing the amount of telephone calls they are receiving.

It also means that if your GP practice has to shut or work from a different building they will still get your order. Order forms for medication posted to the practice may not be available to practice staff in these circumstances.

We would prefer that you either

· use the NHS app or,
· order on-line directly from the GP practice.

This is because these processes are directly linked to your GP practice and have a number of important safety features such as only being able to order the medicines that your prescriber has decided are safe for you and allows to be issued on a repeat basis.

*Some other apps, including those run by pharmacies, do not have these important safety features.*


How to use the NHS application
Please use this link for information on the NHS app:


Please use this link for information help and support to use the NHS application:


Ordering on-line
To order on-line from your GP practice you will need to use one of the links below (you will need to contact your GP practice to find out what system they are using):

For practices using EMIS:

For practices using SystmOne:

For practices using vision:

Once you have registered you will find information on these sites to help you order your medication either on-line or using their app.

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