Voluntary & Community Groups

Wigan has a rich and vibrant voluntary, community and social enterprise sector with over 1,600 groups active in the borough.

We know that many of these groups play a significant role in supporting the health and wellbeing of our population. Some of our local organisations work specifically around certain conditions such as cancer, stroke or diabetes- supporting individuals and families affected by illness or poor health through social, emotional and practical support. Others work with carers or vulnerable groups whose health may be more at risk.

Many groups play a vital role in keeping people healthy through reducing social isolation, helping people with problems such as debt or providing a focus for bringing communities together through sports, arts or culture.

Find some local voluntary groups and activities close to you here at Community Book.

If you are part of a voluntary organisation and you want to be involved in shaping a Healthier Wigan, email us to get involved Healthierwiganpartnership@wigan.gov.uk

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